I love Christmas.  I mean I really REALLY love Christmas!  Not only do you get to gorge yourself on gorgeous food (as if an excuse is ever needed!), if you’re known as the “baker in the family” you will inevitably get new recipe books/equipment etc!  And I did!  Yippee!  I have 2 fabulous new books which i’m looking forward to trying; the first of which is the Martha Stewart Cupcake book (thank you Bobbie!).  Now some of these cakes look seriously impressive!  I might have a go this weekend and see what happens!!  Better find my piping bag…

 I also got a rather gorgeous M&S Afternoon Tea book, which has savoury stuff in it too.  I’m usually more of a sweet cooking kind of girl… so it would be good to try some of the little treats in there!

Looking forward to it already!!

2 responses to “Christmas!

  1. I’d kill for a bit of Becky baking right now! xx

  2. Awww… thanks Bobbs! Celebration cakes aplenty when you exchange! 😀 xx

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